Naturally Velati will be present in every important exhibition, and like other many times this will be an important test about our International market.

We will propose new technological solutions, that could be very interesting and juicy for many food market experts, also thanks by high feeling with efficiency and productivity of our applications. In our fair zone will be present the new TFR Velati Grinder machine, totally stainless steel built, that is ideal for roughing and grinding frozen meat blocks, also with a -20° temperature. Thanks by 110 Kw motor power and relative machine discharge, it’s possible to reach a productivity pair to 10 ton/hour. Complete of PLC and command touch screen, is completely controlled by operator thanks by a simple and intuitive menu. This machine will be loaded for example by an inclined belt with paddles, that will be synchronized directly with the grinder machine, with a following fluid and continuous feeding that gives immediate economic and productive advantages. Our clients could appreciate also our TM grinder machine where, thanks by classic and secure “plates plus blades, raw materials will be worked with high attention to the quality of the final product. In fact Velati with many research and development activities focuses his target on safeguarding of best product characteristics . This is a simple but fundamental criterion of our way of working. Presence of mixing tank, it’s a warranty for a perfect amalgam phase between various components, that already in this phase could be mixing for obtaining a more homogeneous product. Will be present also a vacuum blender machine with unload by hatches, that thanks by a particular and interesting paddles system ensure an efficient mixing time without wasting problems on the product Vacuum system is studied specially to improve final product aesthetic, with a color and appearance more valuable. Other important advantage is seasoning time shorter without spoiling final product goodness. This is a simple but effective system. Will be also interesting takes a look to our IC4 continuous vacuum filler. The exclusive filling system by multiple rotary pistons is warranty of highest quality and productivity. Final product is not stressed, thanks by this system softness , and naturally it is not be damaged during filling time inside casings. It is connectable to every clipper brands and could be set automatically for producing pieces with diameter and weight fix, thanks by dedicated portion appliance. So, see you soon in all over the world.