Strong Points

Correct handling of raw materials

All raw materials used in the production process are monitored and available for the internal information system.

Product homogeneity

All batches are uniform because the ingredients in the recipe are dispensed in precise quantities, resulting in a final product that is always homogenous.

Close control on production phase

All the production phases and productivity parameters are displayed in the office, thus ensuring an overall control on the production process.

Storning the lot traceability

Storning the production lot traceability All the data can be stored and printed on the bar code tags, directly applicable on the product, thus obtaining an overall product traceability in any moment of the production process

Energy saving

The machines connected in line are equipped with detecting probes that stop the process if a product is missing, thus decreasing wearing and power consumption, resulting in a consistent energy saving.

Labour saving

One operator is required at the meat loading and another one is required at the various processing phases control allowing a high labour saving.