Cold Cuts

For over 143 years Velati is established in the meat market with a very high specialization in the machineries construction for meats and cold cuts such as: salami , mortadella and sausages.

Vegetables & Gravy

Over the meat market , in which Velati is established for over 143 years, in the last decade our company has penetrated the market for vegetables and sauces (gravy) supplying grinding lines for frozen product such as mixed vegetable soups. Even in the gravy as well in the pasta stuffed our company has gained market shares especially through new technologies such as heating and Teflon tanks.

Pharmaceutical & Chemical

For this sector we provided several lines and machineries that in addition to requesting specific requirements it needs machineries built in accordance to the certifications drawn up by the company. All kind of working can be done either with fresh product (ex. animal entrails) or dry products such as (leaves, etc.)

Sweet market (Confectionary)

Progress has also been made in the confectionary industry particularly for the mixing and filling phase of some products such as dried cookies. The care put in the construction of mixing paddles and during filling operation through piston filling machine allows to make flexible machines suitable for any use.

Pet Food

Several machines for their strength and high productivities are used in the ever-growing pet food market. Grinder, breaker and mixer are used in this emerging field for the breaking and mixing of the meat, which is then packed in tin cans (luncheon meat) of different sizes.