Quality & Reliability

The Velati philosophy has always been linked to the extreme care for the final product. For this reason , its machines are designed to prevent the meat damaging during the production process. The shredding systems as well as those of mixing have been studied carefully and also modified over the years to always ensure high quality standards.

Technology and Innovation

In the recent years Velati particularly sensitive to the markets developments , it has concentrated its force on automation systems and production lines managements. It has fully developed software cans control precisely and in detail all recipe components to ensure uniformity and standardization. It has also created a team that analyzes the customer needs and as result develops some personal systems that allow an easy and controlled management.

Professionalism &Timeliness Quality

Timeliness and professionalism are all Velati characteristics which offers at its customers a fast service. Thanking also to the on line assistance development several production lines are directly controlled from our offices that are able to diagnose faults in the systems, malfunctioning or improper use of the machine. This allows a quick resolution to the problem that on 80% of cases does not require on-site technical service.

Research & Development

Every year Velati invests part of its earnings to improve its own products according to market needs and also responding to customer needs. The project and development of new machines as well the improvements as to existing ones build a MUST for the company.